Emergency 911 call handler

Championing public safety with PowerPhone and 911 emergency call handlers

Case study

Championing public safety with PowerPhone and 911 emergency call handlers


The client

PowerPhone is a leader in the public safety industry. For more than 30 years, they have helped emergency management and emergency response professionals raise the bar for call handling throughout the world.

First of all, they provide technology, resources, and training. Through this work, they increase 911 agency efficiency. This allows emergency communications professionals to perform their jobs at the highest level. It also empowers the public safety industry to set and strengthen its standard of care.

PowerPhone serves 911 agencies, government agencies, universities and militaries, transportation industries, ambulance companies. And other businesses that provide optimal service levels based on local operating standards and public safety goals.

Furthermore, PowerPhone has conducted more than 8,000 global dispatcher training classes for more than 200,000 public safety personnel. They have trained more 911 dispatchers than anyone else in the world.

The problem

Communicating PowerPhone’s value proposition on their marketing website was a high priority. Also, we needed to remove existing, unnecessary complexity and friction that frustrated users. It was simply confusing to navigate the site and to understand the value proposition and offerings without a lot of work.

In 2019, the client needed a total redesign of their website that would:

  • meet or exceed accessibility requirements
  • deliver great search engine optimization (SEO)
  • include an open-source content management solution (CMS)
  • integrate with their customer relationship management tools (CRM)

Initially, we focused on a content audit and a heuristic evaluation, before we moved into any visual iterations or code audits. Their new design needed to be easy to use on any device and optimized for search. It also needed more marketing functionality. Their website required a complete redesign. We also documented style guidelines. This helped them manage their content and visual communications with ease.

The solution

Research showed that users had a very difficult time understanding their offerings. They also had to work too hard to appreciate PowerPhone’s value proposition.

Our team conducted stakeholder interviews and visually mapped the product/service verticals . Next, we focused on usability and site performance. We created a visual language as we addressed the information architecture complexity. For that reason, we created new inclusive visual designs for both print and web graphics. These included:

  • custom SVG animations for mobile and desktop experiences
  • SVG icons to better communicatie their business offerings
  • digital and print catalogs
  • infographics
  • informational videos for their site

Our designers built custom SVG animations for mobile and desktop experiences. We created SVG icons to better communicate their business offerings. We also designed digital and print catalogs, info-graphics, and informational videos for their site!

In collaboration with the client, we embedded their Salesforce CRM forms for strategic marketing campaigns.

Later in the year, we helped the PowerPhone training team update their online learning programs (LMS) with an updated style guide. We consulted on the branding updates for their interactive video training and vocational learning programs.

The work we have done together is technically measured using metrics and analysis based

We measured the work we have done together using metrics and analysis based on:

  • SEO performance metrics
  • A/B testing
  • heat maps
  • screen recordings
  • Google analytics

Our goals included helping PowerPhone to free up their existing teams and to outperform their competition. Another goal was to dramatically improve the usability of their website and all collateral channels of communications.

Value proposition & information architecture

After interviews and careful research, we added a primary call to action.

Our research also showed their customers wanted to be able to email them straight from the website’s home page. So we added SVG icons and useful search functionality in the first view. This made it easy to contact a representative.

Our UX audit included visual communications, content, and information architecture analysis and strategy.

Hero SVG animation

We applied inclusive design principles to create a visual language consistent with their existing logos and trademarks. These elements help PowerPhone stand out from the competition and give some delight to users.

Our work together has lightened the load on support teams as well. Customers are no longer confused about their products, services or the variations of their course offerings.

Before, new users found it complicated to navigate their website.

Usability testing and content strategy have provided useful solutions for their business and potential new clients. PowerPhone is now easy to recognize and interact with. They are remarkably concise with their communications.

Metrics, SEO, and keyword analysis

We measure and analyze our work with keywords and organic search. This informs our content audit and content strategy together.

Here, we also utilized heat maps and screen recordings to make sure our design decisions were meeting users needs along the way. A/B testing is a reliable method to help increase traffic and engagements with PowerPhone.


Our team identified use case scenarios and their access to internet connections. This included device-specific use cases in the field. The work we deliver always prioritizes performance, accessibility, and security. For both our clients and their customers.

Collateral Materials

Short promotional videos, brochures and conference handouts needed to align with their visual communication style. Equally important, we needed to clearly articulate value proposition with impact. We created a visual language and content structure for collateral materials and the website.

For this job, we added a videographer to the team to facilitate extra professional services. PowerPhone is leading by example with a user-centric content strategy. They use clear messaging to communicate the features and benefits of their technology and training services.

Brochures, business cards, trade show banners

Open graph meta images

Style guides for cross-team collaboration

Guidelines include tone and voice, fonts, visual styles and branding colors. We also included icons and web component guidelines across many platforms. We audited accessibility issues for color contrast, keyboard navigation, and heading structure. We will continue to provide guidance and consult on-site with this work moving forward.

Teams create official certificates of accreditation, banners, and assets in a variety of channels for existing customers. Using a style guide makes this work more efficient and more impactful.

Colors in the PowerPhone style guide

Freeing up internal teams

Our design team trained internal teams who are now able to manage their content in house. Many people in the marketing team and LMS training team can publish and manage content. Plus, marketing and sales teams can maximize their CRM Salesforce integrations.

We relied on fresh eyes and usability expertise to help us build a web presence that conveyed the company’s mission. As a training and software provider to the public safety industry, clear communication is critically important to us and our customers.” – Jerry Turk, President

A positive and healthy culture in their company filters through to their products and services.

The result

It is all about impact! Our work together has empowered their leadership, training, marketing, and support teams. At the same time, PowerPhone’s business has grown. We created opportunities to unlock their budget for extra resources. We made it easy to onboard new clients. The new site exceeds its marketing goals and successfully meets its user’s needs.

Our design team feels privileged to support the work of some of the world’s foremost emergency communications experts.

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