Want to give your audience a better user experience?

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UXATT is on a mission to make the web more usable. We’re offering a free usability review of your website or digital product.

What’s the catch of this free review?

The review is publicly shared on our YouTube channel. We’ll be respectful but honest. We’ll provide a 10-minute recording with suggestions on ways to improve the usability including accessibility.

If you are not up for a public review, please contact us for a quote on a private review. We’d be glad to help.

What kind of things do you review?

As much as we love gardening, please don’t send us lawnmowers to review. Here’s a list of examples to get you started:

  • Marketing websites
  • WordPress plugins
  • Onboarding flow
  • Mobile apps
  • Webshops

On the application form, you can provide us with some user stories you want us to review. This will help us focus on some core tasks that you want users to successfully accomplish.

How will this review help me?

The usability review brings along a lot of benefits. It:

  • surfaces friction and pain points;
  • identifies severity of issues;
  • benefits from a pair of expert fresh eyes;
  • identifies how to improve accessibility and inclusivity;
  • provides a roadmap with next steps.

Why should you care about usability?

Your website or digital product has a purpose. For most, it is to serve others by offering products or services. When you offer a friction-free experience, visitors are likely to come back again and also share their happiness with others. This will result in a better conversion rate. It also helps to build a good reputation.

It’s free, so what are you waiting for?

What kind of digital product would you like us to review?(Required)

Where can we find more information about your product?
Who is your target audience? What is your value proposition? Tell us anything that can help us review in the right context.

What is a user story? A user wants to accomplish something when they use your product. Eg. they need to sign up for the newsletter.
A user story in this case could be: As a WordPress developer, I want to stay up to date about new releases, so that I can build safe and functional sites for my clients.

Please only use the following format:
As a [type of user]I want [some goal] so that I [some reason].

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